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Check out our latest Semi final match preview – Portugal vs Spain betting to get some background info on who’s likely to win. We also have the other semi final Germany vs Italy match preview available too.

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The Tournament

A lot of people say that the World Cup is the best footballing show on Earth, but we are not so sure. Granted, it is always nice to see a major tournament graced by South American heavyweights Brazil and Argentina, but in terms of excitement and unpredictability, the World Cup simply cannot compete with the European Championships.

If your idea of fun is seeing Germany rattle eight goals past Saudi Arabia without reply, or watching North Korea being smashed for seven by Portugal (not that anyone in North Korea knew about it of course), then the World Cup is definitely for you. However, such one-sided drubbings are a rarity in the Euros – and it is a much better tournament for it.

The World Cup can also be a logistical nightmare, especially if it is being held in a distant land. Having to be in the pub for 7am to watch England labour to a 0-0 draw against Nigeria in Japan in 2002 was hard work for many fans and even harder for their bosses, who reported a severe downturn in productivity during that particular tournament. There will be no such problems for football fanatics who plan to watch Euro 2012, though.

Team reviews

The 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine should be one to savour – not just because the games will be screened at a respectable hour, but because it could well mark the end of an era. UEFA has decided to change the format of the tournament and will increase the number of entrants from 16 to 24 teams from 2016, which threatens to dilute the competition somewhat.
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Group reviews

Limiting the championships to just 16 teams ensures that the group stages are livelier than a French training session. Fair enough, Group A looks a little on the weak side, with Russia, the Czech Republic and Greece joining co-hosts Poland. But pools B, C and D are absolutely crammed with world class teams and the beauty of it is – they all have to go toe-to-toe with each other.
Euro2012 groups and odds

Match previews

The only downside to having such a top quality tournament is that it can be a minefield for gamblers. Unlike the World Cup – where you can safely lump all of your money on Brazil to overcome the formidable might of Algeria – the Euros are little bit harder to predict.

Inevitably Spain will be attracting a lot of money, having won their last two major international tournaments. However, with a few key injuries (to David Villa and Carles Puyol), the Spaniards are not the safe bet that everyone thinks. Fortunately our match previews will give you plenty of insight into which teams will shine and which will fall by the wayside.

Before each game, we’ll be giving our insight into the upcoming match with expert advice from our in house traders, on what we think will be the likely outcome. With a useful pre-match preview, you’ll be able to make an informed decision before putting your money on a football bet.
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Daily News

Germany, France, The Netherlands and Portugal are all among the favourites, while sentimentalists will no doubt be backing Roy Hodgson’s England to succeed. It is also foolish to rule the Italians out, although would you entrust your hard-earned cash to a team that contains Mario Balotelli? But injuries and suspensions, changes at the top and off-pitch rivalry can all upset your winning streak.

With our daily news articles, you can keep up to date with what’s going on, both before the event and once it’s started to keep in the know and get the low down of current happenings.
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Euro 2012 Information pages

And if you are planning on heading to the tournament itself to cheer on your team, you should check out our information pages and find out, amongst other things, about the stadiums, venues and history of the event with previous results and qualifying positions.
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